A plane to Washington, and Iraq between two places

What is constant, in the last decade and a half, is that Iranian Iraq is inevitably burnt and economically stifled, and the American Iraq is inevitably burning and unstable. This is what should be in the mind of the Iraqi administration heading to Washington. The difficult balance between the Iranian and American spheres of influence should be the goal, while controlling this rhythm: Perhaps, and I say maybe, the files will calm down a little, especially with the economic blockade on Iran and an attempt to give it additional breaths, or exceptions in the energy file and the Iraqi import of it, or Attempting to resolve the security tensions with the factions, and scheduling the American withdrawal. It is the government of the last chance, for a political system whose validity has expired, especially with the major breach that Tishreen has made, throwing the stone into the pool of political stagnation, and Al-Kazemi's opponents know this before his friends, that it is the last, fragile opportunity that is being pressed by gigantic pressure, the least of which is the drop in oil prices and Corona . The upcoming US presidential elections will determine many of Trump's priorities in Iraq, and this is a point that can be played on to a large extent. May this Washington trip provide an accomplishment for the truce between the American-Iranian war, which is taking place in our afflicted countries!

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